Sitting at my desk, my look is directed at the Adria. Slightly to my left, the inland constant, solid and simple. Nice nice, but slow and out-dated. Further on the left – in Asia – strong, consistent, emerging floor production is in progress - immediately I must note, it is European quality today. On the right side, beyond the Alps, hundreds of years of tradition, huge companies, enormous capital and innovation, millions of squaremeters and serious competition. 

Yes, intuition. It was an Intuition that there is a gaping space here, and it will be us. In 2011 we decided that the several decades of diversified professional routine in timber industry, and the tensing bravery and path-seeking inside we will let us move on. Seven of us started manufacturing flooring products, in a small workshop which we could make warm by noon, by exhaling the air.

Today there are seventy of us. We are still manufacturing wooden floor. Now we need the scooter, if we want to go around everything for the third time. We are working on machinery systems, which allow half million square metres of flooring products to leave our facility, every year. Yet this is not the path we walk. We are proud that the manufactory attribute is still proper for us, since our aim is not the many and more. We are proud, that we work with oak produced in Hungary only. We are proud of our knowledge, our working conditions and our mood. We are pleased that there is a worldwide demand for our products.

We have always been eccentric, and with all our diligence, we try to stay like that. In our human-scale, yet modern facility, respected, humble, jolly and cool Guys grasp the wand every morning, because the magic must go on.  We will be manufacturing floors until we find pleasure in it.