We offer six special collections.

Monte Titano

Solid, liveable, polished and slightly structured products, which require revision and update in every fourth year. There are of course eternal constants, on which we perform quite delicate changes. There are some which we discard, and instead of them we introduce new tones, which match the actual interior design trends. We offer oxidising hard oil, uv-oil covered and varnished products and surfaces as well in this product line.


As the name suggests, we depend on the soul and intuition, when we are working with the oaks. A lot of manual work, without all kinds of repetition. Free hand drawing. Hand-made bevelled, textured surfaces, sawn structures. Wavy, hand-planed, antiqued, edge-cut coverages, in unique colours. Cool stuff.


Naturally bred solid wood wainscots. We achieve the material colouring of the oaks by procedures repeated for 5-6 days, performed in quite deep base structures. The structure and tannin of the trees makes the magical and unique colour available for these floors. These products cannot be copied with painting and pigments. Precise recipes, well-practiced procedures, modern technology and infinite patience is all, with which we bow before the Medicis.


A real challenge for the multi-layer flooring production. Not calibrated structure, which means that the face side of the oak top layers on these products, will not be planed and polished after the natural drying. Special brush equipment produces these surfaces, where the tree flourishes with all its naturalness. During the floor colouring, for several days we mostly work with aqueous solutions occurring in the nature, and in the end we get the results by finishing with oils and waxes. We offer the harsh storms, the big freezes, the drought years and the sunshine of 120 years, in three dimensions.


Clarity, elegance, serious dimensions. The big brother of Monte Titano, the little sister of Illuminati. This collection is comprising 10 years of floor production knowledge, the aspiration for continuous development, the uniqueness and perfection. Calm structures and beautiful, natural colours. All this on the most stable flooring industrial structure, in valuable and showy width.

Hungarian Point

This term means the fishbone floor closing in a tip, anywhere in the world. It is ironic that here in Hungary we call this French pattern, while its international name is originating from us. The products, also known as chevron in the flooring industry, are produced with 45°, 60° and 66,5° tip angles. This traditional wainscot is living its renaissance, continuously expanding in our production. We also introduce our traditional, 90° fishbone products in this collection as well. The surfaces show elegance aligned to the geometry. There is no need to over-emphasise, a special show of the light is fascinating the eyes on the opposingly closing lines.