Solid floors

Available in 21 mm  thickness, 140mm, 160mm, 180mm width. Our production works in all 100mm fix sizes between 600 mm and 2400 mm, which we deliver in systematic stacks with straight ends on two sides. For solid woods of 21 mm thickness, in the 1800 and 1900 mm package sizes we pack with 3-2-0 schema, which means that within a package, we use full length for 3 rows, and length formed with a splicing for 2 rows. The zero indicates that there are no rows formed with 2 splicing, aka. formed of 3 short components, within the package. For packages of length between 2000-2400 mm, this ratio is 2-3-0. We offer at least 1300 mm of average length for all products, which is considered much.

We also manufacture chevron and fishbone products in solid wood structure.
Available sizes: 21 *100/120/140 * 600/700/800/1000/1200mm (T * W * L)
For Chevron (Hungarian point) products 45°/60°/66,5° tip angle is also optional.

Apart from a few exceptions and generally the barrique products, we can manufacture all of our flooring surfaces on solid wood structures as well. Detailed information are provided in the summary chart. The Floorence product line is available exclusively for solid oak structure.


Engineered floors

Engineered products are available in 12mm, 15mm, 16,5 mm and 21mm thickness. For the two thinner sizes we work with 4 mm top layer, for 16,5 mm thick barrique floors 5.5 mm, while for the thick products we work with an oak lamella 6 mm.

Widths depending on the thickness:

12 * 140 / 160 / 190mm  4mm top layer
15 * 140 / 160 / 190 / 220 / 250 / 300mm  4mm top layer
16,5 * 190 / 220 / 250mm  5,5mm barrique top layer (not calibrated 3D)
21 * 190 / 220 / 250 / 300mm 6,0mm top layer
21 * 190 / 220 / 250mm 5,5mm barrique top layer (not calibrated 3D)

For length dimensions and packaging, we proceed similar as we do for the solid products, the used floor- and package lengths are the same.

Packaging constants between width of 120 and 220 mm:

12mm 9 rows/package 6-3-0
15mm 7 rows/package 5-2-0
16mm 7 rows/package 5-2-0
21mm 5 rows/package 4-1-0

All chevron and fishbone products are available in the multiplex structure as well, in sizes equal to the solid products above.